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The Grand Prix Award

Prizes and Awards


The Académie de Port-Royal was founded in 1969 by two artists, Claude Schürr and Jean-Maxime Relange following the closure of the century-old Painting and Drawing studio of the Académie Julian. The Grand Prix de Port-Royal has been awarded each year ever since, and is a prize coveted by numerous artists. In addition to winning a tuition-free year at the academy, the laureate wins the opportunity to hold a solo exhibition in a Parisian Gallery and to have an article written about his or her work in a French Art Magazine, “Univers des Arts.”
The jury, with members consisting of various representatives from the art world (Artists, Gallery owners, journalists…), awards other prizes.
Students awarded the ‘Prize for the Best Composition’ or the ‘Prize for the Most Promising Student’ are also given the chance to attend a year at the Academy tuition-free.

Finally, the Academy’s students and alumni artists are regularly invited and encouraged to attend Salons, Art fairs and events in France or Abroad. You can find the websites of many of these artists. The Academy has recently launched www.online-expo.fr, an online gallery website, regularly updated to promote the work of its past Grand Prix and Alumnis. Some artists became sculptors, illustrators or engravers. Others started working on Monumental or Decorative arts, or became professors. They all share common academic roots and a background in Drawing & Painting.

Prize Winners


1969 Jeanine Echard 1986 Anne Le Cleac’h 2003 Sayaka Nakagawa
1970 Pierre Legué 1987 Bénédicte Peyrat 2004 Hiroko Hori et Chantal Goulet
1971 Thérèse Franjus 1988 Monique Brullé 2005 Philippe Kervroedan
1972 Christophe Curien 1989 Michelle Lellouche 2006 Patrick Leconte
1973 Mike Welply 1990 Nicole Schwartz 2007 Tetsuro Ohno
1974 Line Bousser 1991 Jean-Chr Carrazé 2008 Martine Germe
1975 Janine Avargues 1992 Geneviève Pero 2009 Max Gire
1976 Pierre Pivet 1993 Li Ma 2010 Kumi Hatakeda
1977 Hélène Gauvry 1994 Claire Mérigeau 2011 Ayuko Enomoto
1978 Fabienne Becquart 1995 Pierre Duvault 2012 Thierry Pihan
1979 Marie-Jo Germain 1996 Eric Bourguignon 2013 Farzaneh Parent
1980 Christiane Rosset 1997 Evelyne R-Chassang
1981 Ariane Beteille 1998 Joel Marette
1982 Danielle Choukroun 1999 Ok-ja Lee
1983 Anne Catoire 2000 Catherine Jaeg
1984 Danièle Guildane 2001 Catherine Gaillard
1985 Martine Letoublon 2002 Christine Hawath